Spring into Art - Artists-in-Schools Project
In May 2018, artist Heather Sprague and art historian, Rhonda Coleman, will work with approximately 200 students at Landers Elementary and Twentynine Palms Elementary to create temporary, life-size silhouette murals influenced by the artwork of Keith Haring. Kids love Keith Haring’s work for his bold, vibrant images expressing hope and exploring identity. This will give them the opportunity to learn about color, shape, line, scale, and movement and explore ideas of graffiti, street art, and portraiture.

The Project:  Keith Haring Style Mural
Imagine yourself as a pop icon of the 1980’s. Keith Haring was an American artist who created pop art and graffiti like works in New York street culture in the 1980’s. His work is widely recognized and very iconic. In this class, the kids will create their own iconic mural, out of individual self portraits, done in the style of Keith Haring. Collectively, each individual will add their voice to the mural as a whole. 

About the Artist: Heather Sprague
A native Californian, Heather Sprague spent her childhood roaming through and living in many different states, but has always come home. Heather holds two Bachelor of Art degrees from the University of California, Davis, one in Art History and one in Studio Art. Heather works on an emotional level, and so therefore some images are altered, and some are not. She works until she feels the "click", as she would say, but always her goals are the same, to create beautiful images, to show the world in her own unique way and to give common things a new perspective, and sometimes to bring awareness to various issues. urrently, Heather has her own online photography and art business, is an Artisan at The Cabot Yerxa Pueblo Museum in Desert Hot Springs, CA, a member of MBCAC, and a proud Artist, Guild Member, Board Member and Human Resources Coordinator at The 29 Palms Artists' Guild and Gallery in 29 Palms, CA.   

Instrument Drive
We believe that all students should have access to music instruction regardless of their financial position. Our goal is to put an instrument into the hands of young, budding, inspired musicians. JTLA is beginning an instrument drive to gift to children of our community. We are planting the seed now and more details are coming soon.