Joshua Tree Music Festival Programs:  
JTLA manages the development of JTMF's socially-conscious and education activities that are free to all Festival attendees. In this way, JTLA is able to showcase the phenomenal talent of our community with the “out of towners” who come to our local music festival. 
The Garifuna Collective featuring Umalali
Joshua Tree Living Arts is proud to present The Garifuna Collective featuring Umalali at the Joshua Tree Music Festival this May 2018. Big thanks to our partners; JTMF, Southern Exposure-Performing Arts of Latin America, and Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation, The Garifuna Collective featuring Umalali will lead a complementary workshop on their native song and dance on Sat. at 11:45am. They will also be performing on the main stage Sat. May 19th at 3pm. The workshop provides a greater understanding of and appreciation for the work of the presented artists/ensembles.

Featuring drums, maracas, turtle shells, swaying rhythm guitars, and groovy bass lines, the Garifuna Collective is multi-generational ensemble featuring some of the most accomplished musicians of the Garifuna community. Located on the Caribbean coast of Honduras and other Central American countries, the Garifuna people’s traditions blend elements of West African and Native Caribbean heritage. The showcased group, Umalali—meaning ‘voice’, is a moving ensemble that captures the beauty and power of Garifuna female expression. In concert, The Garifuna Collective combines storytelling with music, dance, and traditional costume. Involving singers from the Garifuna communities of Belize, Honduras, and Guatemala, Umalali and the Collective aim to maintain the threatened music of the Garifuna community, and allow their traditions to thrive in a modern context. The Garifuna Collective featuring Umalali tours with the support of Southern Exposure: Performing Arts of Latin America in 2017-2018.
Kidsville is an action-packed, family-friendly arts experience for kids of all ages. Kidsville provides a safe, fun, and interactive learning environment with an inclusive curriculum of visual arts, dance, performance, and music. The Kidsville stage features live music and circus arts to delight and inspire. Children are invited to revel in imagination and participate in over 54 free activities led by 13+ artists that include

​​Creation Station
The Love Boat
Yogaslackers Slackline
Interactive Murals
Tiny Gnomes
Paint a Parasol
Clay Play
Photo Blocks
Posies and Pythons
Buttons and Bling​
​​​​FlowBox Silk Aerials
Shake Your Bones
Tie Dye Tiles
FlowBox Circus Show
Dance Freedom
Desert Sunsets
Feather Fun
INTUIT performing live
Rainbow Fish
Katdelics performing live
Relax with Color
Visual Arts - Installations and Live Painting
JTLA is passionate about supporting artists, as well as educating and inspiring community building through the arts. JTLA curates a wide range of art installations by a variety of artists as well as live painters located throughout the Music Festival grounds.

Over 39 installations – Murals, 20-ft tall LED Sculptures, Organic Archways, Interactive Swing Sets, Space & Time Environments, Hammock Villages, Dreamcatchers, Upcycled Artworks, and Interactive Lighting – are stimulating and thought-provoking original pieces that turn the festival grounds into an enormous outdoor art gallery.   Click here for more information.

JTLA also provides opportunities for over 20 artists to create live paintings through the Joshua Tree Music Festival event. This engages the artist with the patron, providing networking opportunities for the artist and enhancing the experience of the patron by surrounding them with ongoing art. On the final day of the Festival, the paintings made on site over the weekend are auctioned off, and half of the proceeds go to the artist, while the other half is donated to JTLA.   Click here for more information. 

JTLA offers a wide range of opportunities for members of the community and beyond to share passion and skills with others. In partnership with Joshua Tree Music Festival, JTLA offers Playshops that invite the community to engage in learning and experiencing new skills in a fun and inclusive environment. Our Playshops are hosted by professionals. These small group experiences invite each member to participate, contribute, and think/immerse more deeply, co-creating an experience that each participant takes with them into the world. The following is a sample of offered workshops.

MINDFULNESS: Meditation, The Intentional Use of Sacred Plants’ with Kenneth Berman,  chakra balancing, sacred gong and sound baths.

MOVEMENT: African Rhythms with Mokoomba, movement and flow workshops with Flowbox Circus, Coachella Valley Aerial Fitness, and the Spinsterz, the art of slacklining with Yogaslackers, Khi Cong. 

MUSIC: Ethnic Instruments with House of Hamsa, Tanzanian song with Jagwa Music, Didjeridoo with Trevor Green, songwriting.

STORY: Myth and Storytelling with Dr. Catherine Svelha, , Zuni Elders and Medicine Man, Dharma Talk with the Obsidian, Learn to Create Your Own Short Story to Tell.
More than 40 healing/yoga classes in a variety of disciplines  are led by certified instructors at the spring and fall Joshua Tree Music Festivals. The classes are all free of charge to festival goers, and go from sunrise to sunset at the dedicated Yoga stage.  Disciplines include Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Partner Yoga and Kids Yoga. View the current yoga line-up and schedule at joshuatreemusicfestival.com.