At the core of JTLA’s mission is commitment to arts and community.
We are dedicated to providing arts education to members of our community in an effort to empower individuals to express themselves through creative means. A little instruction can go a long way to promoting self-confidence.
Artists in Schools:
The Artist-in-Schools program brings talented local artists into our schools to work on special projects with students. Studies have shown that arts education plays an important role in brain development and facilitates the learning of many skills and concepts for school-aged children, including developing analytical and problem-solving skills, cultivating a broad range of thinking, enhancing teamwork, and developing creative and higher-order thinking. Previous programs include: Artists and Authors Fair, Dance Movement, Music and Beats, Drawing and Art, Mythical Storytelling. CLICK HERE to find out about our latest Artists In Schools project with local artist Heather Sprague.

Community Workshops: 
JTLA hosts a variety of independent workshops that provide instruction from professional artists and the necessary supplies. These workshops include: songwriting, painting, dance, music, theater productions, among other cultural and creative disciplines.